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Today BELIEVE in yourself! Allow yourself to DREAM – I give you permission! If you want to create your own WONDERLAND for your home, no matter if it’s the entire home or just a small corner tucked away for you, open yourself up to what makes you HAPPY in the place that you Dwell! Maybe a certain color just makes you feel good about yourself or perhaps it’s a secure feeling you get when you wrap yourself up in a soft blanket or it could be having your space extremely organized – no Wonderland is wrong and all of our ideas will be different  – Thank Goodness!!! Whatever your Wonderland may be, whether it’s Modern or Traditional, Large or Small or somewhere in between –  it’s your space. Start today and let’s DREAM, DESIGN & DWELL together!


Cortney Bailey’s gentle Southern grace mixed with learning the Wild, Wild West’s fast pace lifestyle gives her a diverse point of view! Her Texas charm, coupled with her world travels and forthcoming attitude has landed her broadcasting and hosting jobs on ESPN, CBS Sports, ABC, HGTV, Bravo and numerous red carpet events covering fashion and entertainment!

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism/ Communication from Baylor University, Cortney started as an intern for the iconic Dallas Cowboys. She quickly moved into the Cowboys marking, public relations and television division, which gave her hands-on insight into the sport. She has worked as a freelance correspondent for several networks in her hometown Dallas, as a morning anchor, reporter and producer in Florida, Red Carpet events in Los Angeles and has traveled as far as China for broadcasting in sports!

During her down time Cortney enjoys hiking, taking advanced fitness classes, writing her blog Dream, Design, Dwell: Making Your Home Your Wonderland with Cortney Bailey, cooking top secret recipes & wine tasting, keeping up with sports & current events and selling Real Estate. After living in Los Angeles for a decade, Cortney recently moved back to her roots in Dallas with her two tea-cup yorkies: Gus & Hank.

Keep Dreaming, Designing & Dwelling…




Let’s be social:

Twitter: @CortneyBailey

Instagram: @CortneyBailey

Pinterest: CortneyBailey

Facebook: Dream Design Dwell

LinkedIn: Cortney Bailey



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