The First “Must Have” of Eight for Your Winter Home 2013 – You’re Welcome!


You don’t have to roll out the “Red Carpet” to make a great impression but you do have to make a great first impression! Your front door really does set the tone to the rest of your home sweet home!

My first must have for Winter 2013 is a fresh doormat! No matter if you are pinching pennies or have a bottomless budget you can make this happen!  I promise you, you want all visitors, family, friends and even your delivery person to actually feel welcomed to your home and not think … “oh well” when they set foot on your threshold.

Your home can be perfectly pristine inside but if your doormat is faded or unraveling your first impression may be a flop. Let’s not let that happen!  Here are a few ideas for all budgets:

Target‘s Mohawk Home Koora Circles: $9.99:


Amazon $36.00:


Frontgate‘s  Lion Crest Monogram Starts at $99.50 & up:


I’d love to see your doormats!  Whether they are traditional, seasonal, DYI etc … show me and leave your comments below!


Cortney Bailey

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