How To Style a Bar Cart 3 Ways: Bed, Bath & Bar + New Video!

I love to use home furniture in a nontraditional way aka “Thinking Outside the Box!”  The Bar Cart is a piece of furniture that can be used a dozen ways besides in the bar.  I am going to show you three ways to style a bar cart … two ways that are outside the box and the third is the traditional style.  Watch my webisode, above, to get more details!



The first nontraditional way to style a bar cart is in the bedroom as a bedside table.  Your bedside table essentials may be different than mine so you will have to style your cart with what makes you most happy at night.  Here are my must haves:

  • Beautiful lamp that is to scale with the cart
  • Bottle of water
  • Stack of books, journal & magazines
  • Framed photo
  • Candle for relaxing and ambience
  • Flowers (faux or real) to add that feel of nature + a pop of color
  • Cozy Blankets/Throws



The second nontraditional way to style a bar cart is in the bathroom. This is a creative way to add a spa-like feeling to your bathroom.  Again, you will have to style your bathroom cart with what makes you feel luxurious.  Here are the items that make me feel pampered!

  • Large Container of Bath Salts (I love to use Epsom Salt!)
  • Luxury Soaps or Bath Gel
  • Body Butter or Lotion
  • Your Favorite Perfume or Scent
  • Whimsical Item (I love my giant faux gold perfume bottle!)
  • Crisp & Fluffy White Towels
  • Book or magazines
  • Relaxing Candle
  • Body Loofah
  • Flowers (faux or real) to add that feel of nature + a pop of color



The third way to style the bar cart is what the cart was designed for … The Bar! When styling your bar car you will need to keep in mind who you are entertaining.  The bar cart in the photo above and in my wedisode was styled for a “Girls Night Out.”  However, if you are having a guys night, mixed company  or a themed party you will want to add the appropriate alcohol, glassware and non-alcoholic drinks. Here are the items I used to make my “Girls Night Out” evening a hit! (Again my webisode will give you additional ideas!)

  • Alcohol: Vodka, Wine, Champagne/Sparkling Wine & Tequila (other ideas: Beer, Whiskey & Scotch) 
  • Various Mixers 
  • Glamorous Decanter
  • Paper Straws (these adorable accessories come in all colors & patterns)
  • Glassware: Martini glasses, Champagne flutes, Wine glasses (Tumblers will need to be used for additional alcoholic drinks + cocktails.)
  • Flowers (faux or real) to add that feel of nature + a pop of color
  • Non-alcohol: Sparkling water, Still water, Soda, Fizzy juice etc…
  • Beautiful Ice Bucket
  • Shaker & Jigger
  • Bottle Opener
  • Bowl of Limes (or Lemons)
  • Cocktail Book
  • Wooden wine box to give height
  • Cocktail napkins 

Shop a few ideas here:

Bar Cart: Click HERE

Spa-like White Towels: Click HERE

Cozy Throw/Blanket: Click HERE

Champagne Stemless Flutes: Click HERE

I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!  How do you like to style your bar cart?  I’m always looking for new ideas! Leave me a note below or send me a photo (see social media below)!!!

Keep Dreaming, Designing & Dwelling…



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2 thoughts on “How To Style a Bar Cart 3 Ways: Bed, Bath & Bar + New Video!

  1. Hey Cortney,
    Fantastic video – you get more relaxed each time and this one is delivered flawlessly! Kudos!

    You know if want you to be very successful – which you will be but always want to also give you my two cents worth J Hope you don’t mind.

    Instead of linking to Amazon, you now have access to the Dallas Market Center. With this, you should begin to use the things you can buy there in your blog and forget about Amazon. You can make so much more in profit but I would suggest you always research the pricing where they are sold elsewhere on the web. This will give you great purpose and so much fun finding things at WTC to put in your blog video with links to buy. Now, this bring up how are you going to provide those links. You will need to get your blog to have an e-commerce cart included on it. I think the easiest is to have a google checkout. I haven’t ever had that but should be pretty easy to include on your website blog.

    It would be nice to see you using things from Global Views simply because they are so cool but you have to temper that with pricing since Global Views is pretty pricey. Candles are always nice so feature a candle grouping in what makes a house a sanctuary – candles would be one of them J A candle group from long ago I still love because they use more perfume scent in theirs is Riguad Candles. They used to be at Irving Rice showroom but think they have moved. I saw them the last time I was at the WTC but forgot where I was but it can easily be looked up on the web. The pink candle was an amazing rose scent, the green was an ‘out of the ordinary’ scent and I remember we bought a lot of the red ones but don’t remember the scent. You will find some candle lines are restricted meaning you have to have a retail site they inspect before they will allow you to buy – this also restricts too many establishments saturating one area of the larger cities.

    I have a link below of a kinda trashy lady but am sending you this to make you think about how you can continue to transition your videos – what might be fun to add, etc. Don’t watch this thinking I want you to be this way – that’s not the point…. Just see how she uses intro music and maybe exit music with fade in and outs of what you are going to be talking about before you talk about it.

    I know you don’t do fashion but think her ‘idea’ maybe not her delivery of a look book is good. Anticipation is always good delivery so your watcher will want to come back to see what that third photo was about. So, gather your future ideas and have only a tiny part you can put in your previews. Make em’ want to come back J

    Of course, I started watching this gal for her makeup – Halloween specifically – OMG! Great!

    LOOKBOOK 2016 *LookbookStore, Fashion Nova, Yoins, SammyDress, Tbdr…



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