Galentine’s Gift Ideas for your Gal Pal!

unknown-8Pop & Suki

All my Single Ladies, Gal Pals, BFFs, Sisterhoods, and Dreamers of L-O-V-E raise your hands! (Mine are raised!!) Shout out to girlfriends who cheer each other on, lean over and fix each other’s crowns when they slip, cry with, pray for and lift each other up.  No mater if you are a Carrie Bradshaw endlessly looking for your “Mr. Big” or a Southern debutante who was blessed to find your significant other at age 19, this post is for YOU! If you have the characteristics listed above then cheers, high-five and a BIG HUG to you.  We are here to love our fellow females & encourage each other, not to gossip and tear one another down.  I have been so blessed to surround myself with STRONG and LOVING women who thrive on each others success.  With that said, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I want to honor you ladies!  Why, because YOU ARE LOVED! If you are spending V-Day with your gal pal(s), here are a few gift ideas to make your friend(s) feel special!



1: Pop & Suki Bag (You and your BFF can have “matching” bags!) | 2: Mackenzie-Childs Heart Bowl (Add a little glam to your gal pal’s kitchen!) | 3: Buxom Lip Gloss (I love these glosses – they give you a plumper pout!) | 4: Heart Bottle Stopper (This stopper would be perfectly paired with a bottle of bubbles!) | 5: Le Creuset Heart Casserole (Ideal for the foodie in your life!) | 6: Le Creuset Heart Ramekin (Another cute option for the cook’s kitchen!)  | 7: Jumbo Heart Pool Float (Turn up the heat in the pool and take winter, February swim!)  | 8: Faux-Fur Pom Sneaker (I have these in Pink!)

As ALWAYS, I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Let me know how AMAZING your gal pals are.  What are y’all doing for Galentine’s day?  Do you have a fabulous gift idea … update me!!!

Keep Dreaming, Designing & Dwelling…



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Natural Beauty! The Sixth “Must Have” of Eight for Winter 2013!


Create natural beauty indoors this winter by using influences from the outdoors to create a beautiful homey wonderland indoors. Natural and organic elements now rule the roost!  From a single natural object, that can introduce a vignette to the current winter trend to an entire home filled with organic winter influences your house will echo the perfect blend of warmth and style that blur the line between outdoors and indoors! Bringing nature inside is my sixth “Must Have” for Winter 2013!

If you love the Earth’s no-fuss beauty, then simple displays of natural design is perfect!  However, if you tend to be drawn to more glitz and glamour then you can easily achieve the natural look by adding some shine – this is simply done by enhancing the natural design with anything from ribbon and bells all the way to glitter and lights! Just like applying make-up to a natural face, you can simply add a little mascara or you can layer on the fake eye-lashes, there is no right or wrong and the sky is the limit!!!

I have pulled all the “Must Haves” for this post from: Save On Crafts.

photo 2Tree Slabs Round Natural Wood & Reversible Wood Tree Slices

photo 5Preserved Boxwood Garland, Perserved Boxwood Wreath & Perserved Boxwood Topiary 

photoSilver Birch Branches, Curly Willow Branches & Brich Branches with Red Berries 

photo 4Ponderosa Pine Cones

photo 3

Birch Bark Tubes

I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below or follow me on one of the below sites and share what natural designs you bring into your home – I’m always looking for new ideas!!!

Keep Dreaming & Designing & Dwelling!!!


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