Fancy Floats for Every Pool!


Summer is well under way but there is still plenty of time to make a SPLASH! If you want to add a little more Ta-Da to your backyard think about enhancing your pool-time with one of these adorable floats. Having a pool party? These amazing floating characters will definitely be a conversation starter, not-to-mention a fun accessory for photo ops! I guarantee family and friends of all ages will love these fabulous finds while they cool off, plus they are a great and practical way to update your backyard during the hot season!


Play it cool and don’t sweat it! These floats can easily be ordered on line at either Nordstroms or Urban Outfitters!

I’d love to hear from you!  What’s your favorite way to stay cool this summer?

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Easy Tips to Help Sell Your Home this Summer!

There are pluses to putting your home on the market every season but the summer is a great way to let your home, shine inside and out! Remember summer is a time when families like to relocate because of the break in the school schedule. June is just around the corner so if you are thinking about selling your home or if your home is already “on the market,” I hope these easy tips will help you make your home stand out from the rest of the inventory!


1. Two Words: Curb Appeal!

photo 1

First impressions are everything so when a Buyer pulls up to your property make sure that your home has its best foot forward, because I guarantee the last five houses the Buyers just toured sure did! Beautiful, crisp green grass is key. Make sure that your lawn is mowed weekly and take advantage of the bright summer colors by adding pops of color with either potted flowers or planted flowers in the ground – their little faces are a cheerful way to greet the Buyers as they arrive! Also, make sure your front door’s welcome mat is new and fresh and not tattered.

photo 2

photo 3


2. Your Pool is Cool!

photo 1

If your home has a pool, the summer is a great way to emphasize its “cool factor”. Keep it sparkling by daily scooping out the leaves! Keep all outdoor spaces around the pool such as decks and terraces and out door furniture clean and de-cluttered!

photo 2


3. Air It Out!

photo 1

During the cooler fall and winter seasons we keep our windows and doors closed tight and fires lit to maximize the cozy feel, however if you did not air out your home during “spring cleaning” then there is never a better time than now! Throw open those heavy drapes, open your home’s windows and doors and let the summer breeze and sun flood your home! Get the stuffy smells out and let the light shine! With daylight savings providing longer days some showings may be during twilight hours so make sure the outdoor light is able to flood through the windows allowing your home to have a dream-like feel.

photo 2

4. When in Doubt – Paint!

photo 1

Perhaps you painted a room a color that looked amazing on the paint chip but after it dried it was not a hit. If you do not think it looks amazing more-than-likely neither will the Buyer. If a room or hallway has too many scuffs or wear-and-tear marks a fresh coat of paint will do your home a world of wonder! I would highly suggest using white paint – it looks fresh and clean and it does not give Buyers the chance to have an opinion about a color – they are able to use their imagination on how they would use the room for their lifestyle!

photo 2


5. Refreshing Cocktail!

photo 1

Who does not love a refreshing summer cocktail!? Non-alcoholic of course! Take advantage of the summer heat and have cold bottled water, ice-tea or a craft of lemonade sitting out for the Buyers. After looking at a string of homes it’s a kind gesture to offer Buyers something refreshing to “wet their whistle”! A summer cocktail will not sale your home, but the Buyers will leave your home with a positive feeling … which is key!

photo 2

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know your great ideas to get a home sold this summer!

Keep Dreaming, Designing & Dwelling!!!


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Stripes make a Statement for Summer!

Accessorizing your backyard for the summer can be done endless ways but why not pick a stripe to make your backyard sizzle! No matter if you are daring and want to use a bright color or if you want to keep it muted I have found three fabulous options for your wonderland out back and they are all at various price points!

First is the Dedon Fedro Chair designed by Lorenza Bozzoli.  The armless and legless chair is beautifully crafted and easily stacks for portability.  It also comes in three color themes to mix-and-match or you can pick one to add a single splash of boldness to your backyard!

My next selection is Horchow’s Striped Beanbag Chair and Ottoman.  This charcoal and natural stripe furniture set is the perfect selection for someone who wants to be surrounded by comfort and kick up their feet to relax!  Also, if you want to add a punch of color with beach towels, throw pillows and table wear these neutral colors give you the freedom to do just that.

The third choice is Crate&Barrel’s Stripe Folding Chaise Lounge. The playful colors of this lounge chair will add pop to any backyard and the variety of colors give you options to accessorize. Since the chair easily folds you can transport it from your backyard to the beach or park effortlessly. This is a great option for the person who is on-the-go!

I would love to hear how you have incorporated stripes for the summer!  Leave me a comment below or send me a photo!

Keep Dreaming, Designing and Dwelling.



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